2 Register state at the time of your purchase

3)  Register the patterns to the direct buttons.
Direct patterns can register the patterns of 
independent sewing and cycle stitching up to 
10 patterns.
buttons 9 are displayed on the screen, and 
the pattern list screen is displayed when the 
button of the position you desire to register is 
4)  Select the sewing data to be registered.
Select the pattern you desire to register with 
PATTERN LIST buttons !0. Press CYCLE 
, and 
the cycle pattern list screen is displayed.
Press again the selected button and the 
selection is released.
5)  Register to the customize button.
When ENTER button 
!2 is pressed, the 
register to direct button is completed and the 
direct button register screen is displayed.
Pattern No. which has been registered is 
displayed on the direct button.
(2) Register state at the time of your purchase
Pattern Nos. 1 to 10 have been registered to the direct buttons at the time of your purchase.