Using iriver plus 4

1. Select the files/folders to be deleted, right-click on them and select [Delete].
2. Click [Yes] when the [Confirm File/Folder Deletion] window pops up, 
  and the selected files/folders will be deleted.
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Deleting Files (Folders) from the Device
Please download the iriver plus 4 software program from the iriver website (  
Minimum computer specifications are: 
Windows® XP
- Intel® Pentium®Ⅱ 233MHz or above
- Memory: 64MB or above
- 30MB or more free space
- 16bit Sound Card and Speaker
- Microsoft Internet Explorer V 6.0 or above
- SVGA or high-resolution monitor (min 1024x768 resolution)
iriver plus 4
iriver plus 4 is integrated software that manages a variety of multimedia 
files. Use iriver plus 4 to transfer files between the computer and 
device and do automatic firmware upgrades.
1. After installing the iriver plus 4 software program, the installation 
  guide screen will appear.
2. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to complete the 
  installation process.
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