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In the [Picture] mode, only picture files located in the Picture folder will be displayed.  
To search and play picture files in any other folders, use the [File Broswer] mode.
Supported file formats: JPG & BMP
(Some file types may not be fully compatible.)
Use iriver plus 4 when transferring image files to avoid errors during image playback.
1. In the home screen, select [Picture] to display picture scan list.
2. In the list, press the [     /     /    /    ] to select the picture and press 
  [    ] to play it with full screen. 
      : Move to upper list/folder.
      : Move to the sub list/folder. Display the picture in full screen.
       /     : Move within the list.
Selecting Pictures 
- While viewing pictures, press [    ] to start /stop slide show.
- While viewing pictures, press [     /     ] to play the previous / 
  next picture.
Viewing Pictures
1. While viewing pictures, press and hold [    ] to display additional 
2. Press [     /     ] to select the additional feature and press [    ] to 
  display the window for setting it up.
      : Move to the upper list.
3. Press [     /     ] to set up the feature and press [    ] to save / 
  operate it.
  - Slide Time: Set the time each image is displayed in the slide show. 
  - Rotation: Set the direction of rotation.
  - Information: Display the properties of the selected picture.
Additional Features 
While playing the slide show, additional features will not be displayed.
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