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1. In the home menu, select the [Video] to display the video scan list. 
2. In the video list, press the [     /     /    /    ] to select the video and 
  press [    ] to play the selected video. 
       : Move to the upper list/foler.
       : Move to the sub list/folder. Play selected file.
        /      : Move within the list.
Selecting Video
While playing video, the picture orientation and key directions are inverted by screen 
In [Dir List], browse video by folder.
In the [Video] mode, only video files in the Video folder are displayed. To play other video 
files in any other folder, use the [File Browser] mode. 
Continuous Playing Time: approx.  5 hours - Video:  JPEG, 220x176@30fps, approx. 
500Kbps / Audio: ADPCM, 44Khz, 128Kbps (LCD Lightness - Medium, Volume 20)
Playing time may vary with image type. 
Supported file formats: SMV
Caption files (.smi) allow encoding together with video file using iriver plus 4. 
(Be sure to match both names of video and caption files.)
Be sure to use iriver plus 4 when transferring video files. Otherwise, unexpected errors 
may occur during video playback. 
- Playback for this file is not allowed   /  - The sound is not synchronized with the screen /
- Playback is choppy 
- Press [Volume +/-] to control the volume.
- While playing, press [    ] to pause / resume. 
- While playing, press [     /     ] to play previous/next file.
- While playing, press and hold [     /     ] to fast reverse or fast forward.
Playing Videos 
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