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2. Select the file checkboxes you want to transfer from your computer 
  to the Product and then click [Transfer] button or drag & drop the file 
  to Device icon at the bottom or Device window.
  You will see the file transfer status in the [File Transfer] tab.
3. When the file transfer is complete, you will see the selected music 
  files added to the device library. 
1. Connect the device to your computer’s USB port and then execute 
  iriver plus 4.
2. Select [Device > Initialize Disc]. When the window pops up asking 
  whether to proceed with initializing the disc, click [Start].
3. When the initialization process is finished, the Complete window will 
  be displayed and the device can be disconnected from your computer.
Initializing the Disc 
File recovery is not possible if files have been deleted from the device. Backup all 
data before initializing the disc.
1. Connect the device to your computer’s USB port while connected 
  to the Internet and then execute iriver plus 4.
2. Select [Device > Firmware Upgrade], and the Upgrade window will 
  be displayed. Complete the firmware upgrade by following the 
  instruction window.
Upgrading the Firmware 
If there is not enough battery, a firmware upgrade may not be initiated.
Never disconnect the device from your computer while a firmware upgrade file is 
being downloaded. 
After  the  download  is  finished,  the  upgrade  will  be  initiated  when  the  device  is 
disconnected from your computer.
A pop-up window will display the version of firmware installed. 
When newer firmware versions are available, a notification window will be displayed 
when the device is connected to the computer.
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