HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Finishing tab features

Finishing tab features
Use the Finishing tab to print booklets and control the media output. The following
illustration shows the Finishing tab.
Figure 3-3.
The default appearance of the Finishing tab
The Finishing tab contains the following controls:
Print Task Quick Sets group box
Document Options group box
Document preview image
Print Quality group box
Print Task Quick Sets
Use the Print Task Quick Sets setting to store the current combination of driver settings that
are found on all of the other print driver tabs. Print Task Quick Sets are either preset by
network-administrator settings or user-defined printing specifications (such as media size, pages
per sheet, and so on). The Print Task Quick Sets control does not appear on the driver
Properties tabs.
Administrators can predefine Print Task Quick Sets for their users. These administrator Print
Task Quick Sets are defined on the server and are available to users, but usually cannot be
modified by users. Users can also define Print Task Quick Sets for their own use. User-defined
Print Task Quick Sets are described later in this section.
Finishing tab features