HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Bubble Help

Bubble Help
Bubble Help features a graphical icon that resembles a cartoon speech bubble with a lowercase
"i" in it, representing the international symbol for information. The following illustration shows a
Bubble Help icon on a driver tab.
Figure 3-2.
A property page with a Bubble Help icon
The bubble typically appears next to a control that is unavailable, although it can also
accompany an available control if an important note concerning its use is available within the
Help. Moving the pointer over the bubble changes the arrow to a gloved hand, which
indicates that the area underneath the pointer is selectable. When the bubble is selected by
using either the mouse or the keyboard, a message box appears that contains a brief
explanation about why the control is disabled and what can be done to enable it. If the
control is not disabled, the message is a tip or a precaution that you should be aware of
when using that particular feature.
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