HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

HP traditional print drivers, for Windows

HP traditional print drivers
for Windows
This chapter describes the features of the HP Color LaserJet 4650 printer traditional print
drivers. The chapter contains the following sections:
HP Traditional PCL 6 Driver and HP Traditional PCL 5c Driver features. This section
describes the HP PCL 6 and HP PCL 5c drivers for Windows 98, Windows Me, and
Windows NT 4.0.
HP Traditional Postscript 3 Emulation Driver (PS Emulation Driver) features. This
section describes the PS Emulation Driver for Windows 98, Windows Me, and
Windows NT 4.0.
You can control print jobs from several places: the product control panel, the software
program, and the driver user interface. Generally, for features that are common to two or
more of these places (for instance, you can select the media input tray from any of them),
settings that are established in the software program take precedence over print-driver
settings. Print-driver settings override product control-panel settings.
HP Traditional PCL 6 and HP Traditional
PCL 5c Driver features 
When you install the print drivers using the printing-system installer in Windows 98 or
Windows Me, the HP Traditional PCL 6 Driver is installed. The Traditional HP PCL 5c Driver
can be installed by performing a Custom Installation.
This section describes the options that are available on each tab of the HP Traditional PCL 6
and the HP Traditional PCL 5c Document Default print-driver interface and on some of the
tabs of the HP Traditional PCL 6 and HP Traditional PCL 5c Properties print-driver interface.
This section also describes differences between the HP Traditional PCL 6 Driver and the HP
Traditional PCL 5c Driver.
Chapter 3 HP traditional print drivers for Windows