HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

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The HP Toolbox Device Status option on the Status tab is shown in the following illustration:
Figure 2-15.
Status tab with Advanced Printer Settings button
For additional information and a copy of the HP Embedded Web Server Guide, go to the
following URL: 
Other Links
This section contains links that connect you to the Internet. These links appear on the left
navigational bar throughout the HP Toolbox screens. You must have Internet access in order to
use any of these links. If you use a dial-up connection and did not connect when you first opened
the HP Toolbox, you must connect before you can visit these Web sites. Connecting might
require that you close the HP Toolbox and reopen it.
HP Instant Support (TM). This link connects you to a set of dynamic Web resources that you
can use to solve specific problems and determine additional services that might be available for
your product. Specific status and configuration information about the product is retained and
directed to the Solve a Problem Web site, which offers targeted support content and messages
to help resolve problems as quickly as possible.
Product Registration. Click this link to connect to a screen where you can register your HP
Color LaserJet 4650 printer.
HP Toolbox