HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

HP Toolbox

Diagnostics section
Network Statistics
Protocol Info
Configuration Page
Network settings
From the Networking tab, you can enable and configure the following network protocols:
Internetwork packet exchange/Sequenced packet exchange ( IPX/SPX)
Data link control/logical link control (DLC/LLC)
Simple network management protocol (SNMP)
HP Toolbox
The HP Toolbox is a series of Web pages and a supporting Windows-based software
program that provide access to the HP Color LaserJet 4650 embedded Web servers and
other firmware functions, making them available on a browser-driven user interface where
product properties can be viewed and manipulated. Some screens are accessed through the
toolbox interface.
The HP Toolbox provides links to printer status information, help information, and tools for
diagnosing and solving problems. The HP Toolbox also provides product status and settings
information from the embedded Web server, by clicking the Advanced Settings button in
the upper-right corner of each of the four tabs.
HP Toolbox requirements
HP Toolbox requires one of these recent Internet browsers in order to show product
embedded Web server pages:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (Internet Explorer 5.2 or later for Macintosh)
Netscape Navigator 7.0 or later (Netscape Navigator 7.0 or later for Macintosh)
Opera Software ASA Opera 7.0 for Windows
Safari 1.0 software for Macintosh
These browser requirements are not necessarily minimum standards, but they are the
minimum tested environments. Other, untested browsers might also provide access to
HP Toolbox screens.
The HP Toolbox is supported only for Windows 98 and later operating systems (Windows
Me, Windows 2000, and 32-bit Windows XP). You must have performed a complete
software installation in order to use the HP Toolbox.
When the HP Color LaserJet 4650 printer is connected both through a network using a
HP Jetdirect card and through a local parallel or USB connection, the network connection
takes precedence. On a network connection, bidirectional communication is supported
through a TCP/IP or an IPX/SPX connection. When the product is connected using both a
parallel and a USB connection, the parallel connection takes precedence, and the USB
connection is disconnected.
Chapter 2 Software description