HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

The external fonts that are installed appear in the Installed Fonts window. Select the
fonts that you want to remove, and then click Remove. The fonts are removed.
Click OK to close the Font Installer dialog box.
Font Substitution Table
The Font Substitution Table option is available only in the PS Emulation Unidriver. It is not
available in the HP PCL 6 Unidriver or the HP PCL 5c Unidriver.
Use the Font Substitution Table settings to install and remove external fonts for the product.
External fonts can be soft fonts or DIMM fonts.
Clicking the Font Substitution Table  option causes a list of fonts to appear, as show in the
following illustration. Use the settings to change the TrueType-to-printer font mappings.
Figure 4-19.
Font Substitution Table 
Installable Options
This section provides information to configure the printing options that you can install for the
HP Color LaserJet 4650. The following controls are available:
Automatic Configuration
Tray 3
Tray 4
Properties tabs