HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Properties tabs

RGB Color
The RGB Color settings affect the color treatment for object types and determines how
colors are rendered. The options are Default (sRGB), Device, and Vivid.
Default (sRGB). This option interprets RGB color space (sRGB), which is the accepted
standard for many software companies and organizations such as Microsoft and the
Worldwide Web Consortium. Default (sRGB) is the default setting for all components.
Vivid. This option sets the product to increase the color saturation in the midtones. Less
colorful objects are rendered more colorfully. This value is recommended for printing
business graphics.
Device. This option sets the product to print RGB data in raw device mode. To render
photographs correctly when this option is selected, you must manage color in the software
program in which you are working or in the operating system.
If your software program converts text and graphics to raster, the Photographs settings also
control the Text and Graphics settings.
Use the General setting group to control Edge Control settings for all color printing.
Edge Control determines how edges are rendered. Edge Control consists of three
components: Adaptive Halftoning, Trapping, and C-REt. Adaptive Halftoning increases the edge
sharpness. Trapping reduces the effect of color plane misregistration by slightly overlapping the
edges of adjacent objects. C-REt increases the apparent resolution by placing each dot for the
smoothest edges.
The Edge Control option offers four settings:
Normal. The Normal setting provides the default trapping settings. Adaptive Halftoning is
set to On, and C-REt is set to On.
Light. The Light setting provides minimal trapping. Adaptive Halftoning is set to On and C-
REt is set to On.
Maximum. The Maximum setting provides the most trapping. Adaptive Halftoning is set to
On, and C-REt is set to On.
Off. The Off setting turns Trapping, Adaptive Halftoning, and C-REt to Off.
Print in Grayscale
Select Print in Grayscale to print a document in black and white. This option is useful for
previewing preliminary copies of slides and hardcopy output quickly or for printing color
documents that will be photocopied or faxed.
Properties tabs
The Properties tabs contain information about and options for configuring the product.
Properties tabs