HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Job Name, Using Job Storage features when printing

Job Name
Use the Job Name options to specify a name to identify the job at the product control panel. The
following are the Job Name settings:
Automatic. This option automatically generates the job name associated with the stored
print job. The file name of the print job is used if it is available to the print driver. Otherwise,
the software program name or a time stamp is used for the job name.
Custom. Use this to type a custom job name for the stored print job. When you click the
Custom option button, the text field below the option becomes available.
The Job Name field can contain no more than 16 characters, and is limited to A through Z and 0
through 9 because the name appears on the product control-panel display. If you try to type a
lowercase character, it automatically shifts to uppercase. If you try to type a character in an
ASCII code of fewer than 32 or more than 126 characters, the character is removed from the edit
field, along with all of the characters that follow it. If you try to type more than 16 characters, any
character beyond 16 is truncated.
When the dialog box is closed, or as soon as the focus is removed from the control (that is, when
the Tab key is pressed or another control is selected), an empty string is replaced with
Automatic. The acceptable characters for job name and user name vary for each operating
system. The string must be of a length and type that can appear on the product control-panel
The PIN group box is usually inactive. The option within the PIN group box, PIN to Print, is
activated if you select either of the following options:
Select Private Job. If selected, you must type in the PIN number at the product control
panel in order to make the job print. For more information, see Using a PIN for Private Job .
Select Stored Job, and then select the Require PIN to Print check box. If the Require
PIN to Print check box is selected, you must type a PIN in order to make the stored job
private. For more information, see Stored Job .
Using Job Storage features when printing
Click File and then click Print from the software program. The Print dialog box appears.
Clicking the print icon in the software program toolbar prints the job without Job Storage features.
Click Properties. The Properties dialog box appears.
Click the Job Storage tab.
Select the Job Storage options described above by clicking the appropriate option button
and complete any required fields.
Click OK.
Job Storage tab features