HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

When the First Page Only check box is selected, the watermark is printed only on the first
page of the document. The First Page Only check box is disabled when the current
watermark selection is "(none)".
Watermarks are applied to logical pages. For example, when Pages per Sheet is set to "4" and
First Page Only is turned off, four watermarks appear on the physical page (one on each logical
Click Edit, and the Watermark Details dialog box appears.
Figure 4-13.
Watermark Details
The dialog box shows a preview image and provides options for creating a new watermark and
controlling the message angle and font attributes.
Click OK to accept all of the changes that are made in the Watermark Details dialog box.
However, clicking Cancel does not cancel all of the changes. If you make changes to a
watermark, and then select a different watermark or click New, all of the changes made to the
previous watermark are saved, and only the current, unsaved changes can be canceled.
Current watermarks
The Current Watermarks group box contains a list of available watermarks, both predefined
watermarks made available in the driver and any new watermarks you have created.
Effects tab features