HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Resizing options

Resizing options
The Resizing Options group box consists of the following controls.
Actual Size (default)
Print Document On setting
Scale to Fit option
% of Normal Size setting
Actual Size
Actual Size is the default setting. It prints the document without changing the document size.
Print Document On
Select the Print Document On radio button to format the document for one media size and then
print the document on a different media size, with or without scaling the image to fit the new
media size.
The Print Document On control is disabled by either of the following conditions:
The % of Normal Size value is not 100.
The Pages per Sheet value (on the Finishing tab) is not 1.
When Print Document On is selected, the drop-down menu shows the media sizes on which
you can print. The list contains all of the standard media sizes that are supported by the selected
media source and any custom sizes that you have created. When Print Document On is
selected, Scale to Fit is automatically selected.
Scale to Fit
The Scale to Fit option box specifies whether each formatted document page image is scaled to
fit the target media size. By default, Scale to Fit is selected when Print Document On is
selected. If the setting is turned off, then the document page images will not be scaled, and are
instead centered at full size on the target media. If the document size is larger than the target
media size, then the document image is clipped. If it is smaller, then it is centered within the
target media. The following illustration shows preview images for a document formatted for legal-
size media with the Print Document On check box selected, and the target size specified as
Figure 4-12.
Preview images - Legal on Letter; Scale to Fit off (left) and on (right)
When the size for which the document is formatted (that is, the logical size) differs from the
target size, the preview image uses a dashed gray line to show the boundaries of the logical
page in relation to the target page size.
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