HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

When Print on Both Sides is selected, the document preview image changes to show a
spiral binding along either the left edge or the top edge of the page. In addition, a folded-
over corner appears in the lower-right portion of the preview image, indicating that printing
occurs on the back side. An arrow on the folded-over corner points in the direction that the
pages would be flipped if they were bound together.
Short-side binding is for print jobs with pages that read by flipping over like the pages of a note
pad. Long-side binding is for print jobs with pages that read by turning like the pages of a book.
Booklet layout
The Booklet Layout drop-down menu, visible when Print on Both Sides is selected, offers
choices that are based on the current media size. The default setting for the Booklet Printing
drop-down menu is Off.
Left Edge Binding
Right Edge Binding
When you select Left Edge Binding or Right Edge Binding, the document preview image
changes to show the location of the binding. If the Pages per Sheet setting is on the default
setting of 1, it automatically changes to 2 pages per sheet. If you change the Pages per Sheet
setting manually to 4, 6, 9, or 16 pages per sheet, the booklet setting is disabled. See the
Printing a Booklet section of this chapter for more information.
The Booklet Layout setting is disabled when A6 or B6 (JIS) is selected as the media size, and
an incompatibility error message appears when you click OK to close the driver.
Book and Booklet Printing
The HP Color LaserJet 4650 supports book and booklet printing.
A book is a print job consisting of at least two pages that can have a different media type for the
first page, other pages, or back cover. Use the First Page, Other Pages, and Back Cover
settings on the Paper/Quality tab (available when you select the Use Different Paper check
box) to select different media for the first page, other pages, and back cover.
A booklet is a print job that places two pages on each side of a sheet that can be folded into a
booklet that is half the size of the media. Use the Booklet Layout drop-down menu on the
Finishing tab to control booklet settings.
Printing a Booklet
Click File, click Print, and then click Properties.
Click the Finishing tab and select the Print on Both Sides check box.
In the Booklet Layout drop-down menu, select the type of booklet printing that you want
(for example, Right Edge Binding).
Click OK in the print driver.
Click OK in the print dialog box to print.
Printing a Book
You can print a book in which the first page, other pages, and back cover have different media
types. For more information, see Paper/Quality tab features of this chapter.
Finishing tab features