HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide


The Name drop-down menu shows the name of the custom media size that was selected most
recently. Use the Name drop-down menu to select from the list of currently defined custom
media sizes, or to type a new name for a custom media size.
The name that appears in the Name drop-down menu is one of three things, depending on
the following conditions:
If a saved custom media size has been selected from the drop-down menu and the
other controls in the dialog box have not been changed since then, the Name drop-
down menu shows the name of the last selected custom media size.
If the width or height controls have been changed since a custom size was selected or
saved, or if a saved media size has just been deleted, then the Name drop-down menu
shows the default name of "Untitled."
If a new name has been typed into the Name drop-down menu for the purpose of
saving a new size or renaming an existing size, then that new name will remain in the
drop-down menu until a saved custom media size has been selected from the drop-
down menu.
If you type a new name into the Name drop-down menu, but then do not click the Save
button, you should be able to change the width and height values without losing the name.
However, if a saved media-size name is selected from the drop-down menu, any unsaved
name or size values are lost without warning, and replaced by the values of the selected
custom media size.
Save, Delete, or Rename
The dynamic command button located under the Name drop-down menu has three possible
labels: Save, Delete, and Rename.
Save is the button title whenever the height and width values have been changed since
the most recent save action or since the selection of an existing custom media size.
Clicking the button causes the name in the Name drop-down menu to be compared
against each of the saved names. If a duplicate is found, a dialog box appears, asking
if it is okay to replace the existing item. If you click Yes, the old item is updated with the
new values. If you click No, the driver returns to the Custom Paper Size dialog box,
where you can type a different name. The new name is compared only against the list
of user-defined custom media names, and not against the standard media-size names.
Whenever the command button has the Save title, it is the default button.
Delete is the button title whenever the name of an existing (previously saved) custom
media size appears in the Name drop-down menu, such as immediately after selecting
an item from the drop-down menu or clicking the Save button. Clicking the Delete
button causes the saved custom media size to be deleted, after which the Name drop-
down menu changes to Untitled, the height and width controls are unchanged, and the
button title changes to Save.
Rename is the button title when you type something into the Name drop-down menu
after selecting an existing custom media size from the drop-down menu. If no duplicate
is found, then the name of the stored custom media size changes to match the
contents of the Name drop-down menu.
The following table illustrates the relationships between the Name drop-down menu, the
command button, and the actions that take users from one state to another.
Chapter 3 HP traditional print drivers for Windows