HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Paper Options

Paper Options
Figure 3-13.
Paper Options group box (default)
The appearance of the Paper Options group box changes when the Use Different Paper/
Covers check box is selected. For convenience, the settings in the Paper Options group box
are described in the following order:
Size is
Source Is
Type is 
Use Different Paper/Covers
Size is
You can specify size for all of the settings in the Paper Options group box. When you set the
media size in the driver, the entire print-job output uses that media size. That is, if the print job
uses Letter-size media, any option that you select from the available Use Different Paper/
Covers options must also use Letter-size media.
Because driver settings are overridden by media-size settings in most software programs, it is
generally best to use the driver to set media size only for software programs that lack a media-
size setting, such as NotePad, or when you are producing a book or a booklet that does not
require different media sizes.
Certain software programs can override the size command and specify different media sizes
within a single document.
For information about media sizes, see the Media attributes section of this guide.
Use Different Paper/Covers
When the Use Different Paper/Covers check box is selected and different options are
configured, the Size is:, Source is:, and Type is: menus change, offering a variety of options. For
more information, see Use Different Paper/Covers.
Paper tab features