HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Watermarks group box

% of Normal Size option
The % of Normal Size option provides a slider bar for scaling the percentage setting. The
default setting in the entry box is 100 percent of the normal size. The normal size is defined as
the media size that is selected within the driver or what the driver receives from the software
program (if the software program does not negotiate the media size with the driver). The driver
scales the page by the appropriate factor and sends it to the printer.
The limits of the range are from 25 percent to 400 percent, and any values outside the range
are adjusted to those limits as soon as the focus is removed from the control (that is, when
the Tab key is pressed or another control is selected).
Any change to the scale also changes the document preview image, which increases or
decreases from the upper-left corner of the preview.
The slider bar controls the scale directly. The value in the edit box changes as the scroll bar
indicator is dragged, and the document preview image is updated to the new image scale.
Each click on the scroll bar arrows increases or decreases the scale by one percent. Each
click on the slider bar affects the scale by 10 percent.
You cannot achieve an exact value by dragging the scroll bar indicator at the default
Windows resolution; use the scroll bar indicator to approximate the value that you want, and
then use the scroll bar arrows to refine the value. Or, type the value into the entry box.
The following settings disable % of Normal Size:
Print Document On (on the Effects tab) is selected.
Pages per Sheet (on the Finishing tab) is not 1.
Watermarks group box
Use the Watermarks feature to select a watermark, create your own custom watermarks
(text only), or edit an existing watermark.
The Watermarks group box contains the following controls:
Watermarks drop-down menu
First Page Only check box
Edit button (opens the Watermark Details dialog box)
Watermarks drop-down menu
The following watermarks are preset in the driver:
The drop-down menu shows alphabetically-sorted watermarks that are currently available on
the system, plus the string "(none)", which indicates that no watermark is selected. This is
the default setting. Any watermark selected from this list appears in the document preview
Chapter 3 HP traditional print drivers for Windows