HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

Output Settings group box

Output Settings group box
Graphic Settings group box
Current Setting
The Current Setting group box has two settings in the HP Traditional PCL 5c Driver. When you
make a change in the Print Quality Details dialog box, the setting changes from This is the
"Default" setting to This is a "Custom" setting.
Font Settings  
In the Font Settings group box, the only available option is Send TrueType as Bitmaps, which
provides an alternative for software programs that cannot easily use TrueType fonts for special
graphic purposes, such as shading, rotation, or slanting. The Send TrueType as Bitmaps check
box is not selected (clear) by default. If you select this option, the driver sends TrueType fonts to
the printer as outlines, which retains the standard format (outlines) of the fonts.
Output Settings
The Output Settings group box contains controls for pattern scaling, and to print all text as black.
The default values for the Output Settings are as follows:
Scale Patterns (WYSIWYG) is selected
Print all Text as Black is not selected
Scale Patterns (WYSIWYG)
Use the Scale Patterns (WYSIWYG) feature to address the moiré effect that is created when
certain programs encounter certain patterns. Use this feature to turn off the pattern scaling. What
you lose is WYSIWYG with patterns, but the printed result might look better. The feature works
only with programs that use vector hatch patterns. This option is selected by default.
Print all Text as Black
The Print All Text as Black feature is not selected by default. When the feature is selected, the
driver prints all text as black regardless of the original document text color. Color text is printed
as black, except for white text, which remains white. (White text is a reliable method of printing
reverse typeface against a dark background.) This setting does not affect graphic images on the
page, nor does it affect any text that is part of a graphic.
Graphic Settings
The Graphic Settings group box in the HP Traditional PCL 5c Driver has settings for the
graphics rendering mode. The following Rendering Mode: option buttons are available:
Automatic. This is the default setting.
Send Graphics as Vector. Select this setting to send graphics to the product as a
combination of HP Graphics Language, version 2 (HP-GL/2) and raster images. This
setting might produce higher-quality output.
Send Graphics as Raster. Select this setting to send all graphics to the product as images
composed of individual dots. This setting might improve printing speed in some cases.
Send Page as Raster. Select this setting to send all graphics and text (TrueType fonts) to
the product as images composed of individual dots. Use Send Page as Raster if you are
experiencing problems with overlapping text and graphics. With this setting, the Send
TrueType as Bitmaps option has no effect.
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