HP Color LaserJet 4650 Software Reference Guide

To print a multiple page document follow these steps

To print a multiple-page document, follow these steps:
Select the Print on Both Sides (Manually) check box.
Click OK. The even-number pages of the document print.
When the control panel shows the MANUALLY FEED message, insert the stack of
media (on which the even-number pages have been printed) as indicated in the
following figure.
Figure 3-4.
Print on Both Sides Instructions
When you have completed the steps that appear in the dialog box, the second half of the print
job prints on the back side of the stack of media. The driver does not require the application to
specifically support odd- and even-page printing, because the driver coordinates this function.
Flip Pages Up  
The Flip Pages Up check box, which is available only when Print on Both Sides is selected, is
used to specify the duplex-binding option. By default, the Flip Pages Up check box is not
available. The following table demonstrates the results of selecting this box, depending on the
media orientation that is selected on the Basics tab.
Table 3-2. Page orientation
Orientation (Basics tab) Flip Pages Up selected Flip Pages Up not selected
Short-edge binding
Long-edge binding
Long-edge binding
Short-edge binding
Finishing tab features