HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

Safety Information

Reference Guide
Safety Information
Safety precautions
To prevent eye injury, do not look into the lens when the lamp is on. Do not point 
any laser light at anyone's eyes.
To prevent electrical shock, do not expose the projector to rain or moisture. Do not 
open the projector except as instructed by the manual.
Allow the projector to cool before removing any cover and touching internal 
components, as instructed by the manual.
Keep paper and other combustible material away from the projector lens to 
prevent the possibility of fire.
Use only an approved power cord rated for the voltage and current marked on the 
product label. Do not overload any outlet or extension cord.
Laser safety
The laser pointer on the remote control is certified as Class 2 laser device according to 
the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Radiation Performance 
Standard and International Standards IEC 825/IEC 825-1 (EN60825/EN60825-1). 
This device is not considered harmful, but the following precautions are 
Ensure proper use by reading and following the instructions carefully.
If the unit requires service, contact an authorized HP service center.
Do not attempt to make any adjustment to the unit.
Avoid direct exposure to the laser beam.