HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

Remote control problems, Networking problems

Reference Guide
Remote control problems
If the remote control does not operate: 
If the indicator light on the front of the remote control blinks 
when you press buttons, the remote control is working properly. 
If the light does not blink, install two new AAA batteries in the 
remote control.
Be sure nothing is blocking the infrared receivers on the front and 
back of the projector. Move to within 9 m (30 ft) of the projector.
Open the on-screen menu and select help > Diagnostics. Run 
remote control tests.
If only the mouse and page up and down buttons do not work: 
Be sure you have a USB connection between the projector and the 
Open the on-screen menu and select help > Diagnostics. Run 
remote control.
Networking problems
If you cannot access the projector via the web:
Check that you are using the correct IP address. The projector's IP 
address is shown in the on-screen menu on the projector.
Check the network cable connections at the projector and at the 
Check the left indicator light on the LAN port on the projector. If 
the light is not on, the network might not be active. Try a different 
cable or check the network outlet at the wall using a computer.
If your model includes an L1581A Advanced Connectivity 
Module, see the L1581A manual.
Check whether the projector’s IP address shown in the on-screen 
menu is 169.254.x.x. If the projector is set to use a DHCP server, 
this address means no DHCP server is available. If the projector 
does not use a DHCP server, this address means no IP address is