HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

Interruption problems

Reference Guide
Interruption problems
If the projector suddenly shuts down and the temperature light turns on:
If the temperature light is blinking, the fan is not working. Allow 
the projector to cool for several minutes.
If the temperature light is steady, the projector has overheated. 
Allow it to cool for several minutes.
If airflow is obstructed, remove the obstruction.
If possible, remove any sources of excess heat in the room.
If the condition occurs after restarting the projector, contact HP 
to have the projector serviced or repaired. 
If the lamp shuts off during a presentation:
A minor power surge might cause the lamp to shut off. Wait a few 
minutes, then power on the projector.
The lamp module might have burned out. Replace the lamp 
If the lamp burns out or makes a popping sound: 
When the lamp reaches its end of life, it might burn out and make 
a popping sound. If this happens, the projector will not turn back 
on until the lamp module has been replaced. 
If the lamp breaks, contact HP about repairs that might be