HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

Performing Routine Maintenance

Reference Guide
Performing Routine Maintenance
This section provides the following instructions:
“To get the projector status” on page 68
“To clean the projector lens” on page 68
“To replace the lamp module” on page 69
“To replace the battery in the remote control” on page 70
To get the projector status
Open the on-screen menu and select help > About this projector. This screen 
shows information and status for the projector.
To clean the projector lens
To minimize the risk of damaging or scratching the lens surface, blow dust 
particles off the lens with clean, dry, deionized air.
If this method does not work, use the following method:
Wipe the lens in a single direction with a clean, dry cloth. Do not wipe back and 
forth across the lens.
If the cloth is dirty or smears the lens, wash the cloth. If the cloth is still dirty after 
washing it or the fabric is damaged, replace it.
CAUTION: Cleaning requires special consideration:
■ Do not spray any type of fluid or cleaner directly on the lens surface. Cleaners might 
damage the lens.
■ Do not use fabric softener when washing a cleaning cloth or softener sheets when drying 
the cloth. Chemicals on the cloth might damage the surface of the lens. 
■ Do not store a cleaning cloth in contact with the lens for a long time because doing so 
contaminates the lens with dye from the cloth. The cloth can be contaminated if left in the 
open air.