HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

To adjust the focus and zoom, To adjust the audio

Reference Guide
To adjust the focus and zoom
1. Rotate the focus ring 
 until the image becomes clear. The projector can focus at 
distances of 1.5 to 14 m (5 to 46 ft). 
2. Rotate the zoom ring 
 to adjust the picture size from 100 to 120%.
See “Selecting a Location” on page 17 for more information.
To adjust the audio
1. Open the on-screen menu and select audio.
2. Set the audio adjustments.
From the audio menu, you can select audio inputs, turn off internal speakers, and 
adjust mute, volume, balance, treble, and bass.
To get descriptions for all available audio adjustments, see “Using the On-Screen 
Menu” on page 61.