HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

To connect control equipment

Reference Guide
Installation and Setup
To connect control equipment
9-pin serial cable
2.5-mm (3/32-in) to 3.5-mm (1/8-in) stereo mini-phone cable
3.5 × 1.3-mm DC power cable
In some installations, the projector might not be visible to the remote control, such as 
for rear projection. Use one of these solutions to enable the remote control to work:
Use a remote control extension. Plug its cable into the remote connector on the 
projector. Install the receiver in the room with the presenter.
Wire the remote control to the projector. Construct a cable with a 2.5-mm 
(3/32-in) stereo mini-phone jack at one end and a 3.5-mm (1/8-in) stereo 
mini-phone jack at the other end. Plug the small connector into the remote control 
and the large connector into the remote connector on the projector.