HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

3 Attach the ceiling mount bracket to the ceiling and firmly secure with four screws

Reference Guide
Installation and Setup
3. Attach the ceiling-mount bracket to the ceiling, and firmly secure with four screws 
capable of holding 9 kg (20 lb). The ceiling-mount bracket must be located 1.5 to 
14 m (5 to 46 ft) in front of the screen.
4. Adjust the on-screen menu to match your settings. Open the on-screen menu and 
select setup > Projector position. Then select Front Ceiling from the drop-down 
5. (Optional) Install the cable shroud to hide the cables. See “To install the cable 
shroud” on page 22. If you secure the projector with a Kensington lock, the lock 
also secures the shroud.