HP XP8010, XP8020 Reference Guide

To install on a table, To install on the ceiling

Reference Guide
Installation and Setup
If you do not want to use the distance table, you can use the following equations to 
help determine where to install the projector relative to the screen.
If your installation does not fall within these ranges, an add-on lens might be required. 
See “To install an add-on lens” on page 57.
To install on a table
1. Place the projector on a stable platform located 1.5 to 14 m (5 to 46 ft) in front of 
the screen.
2. Connect all necessary cables to the projector.
3. If necessary, set the projector to match the installation. Open the on-screen menu 
and select setup > Projector position. Then choose Front Table from the 
drop-down list. 
To install on the ceiling
Your ceiling mount might differ from the one shown in the following images. 
However, the installation steps are basically the same.
HP recommends that a qualified carpenter or electrician install the ceiling mount.
Calculating projection dimensions
distance from screen = A × width of screen 
min and max distance from screen = B
width of screen = 0.8 × diagonal of screen (for 4:3 screen)
projector lens at same level as bottom or top of screen
A = 1.98 to 2.38
B = 1.5 to 14 m (5 to 46 ft)