HP DeskJet 995C User Guide

problems with the infrared printing feature

problems with the infrared printing feature
infrared icon is not displayed
Correct the problem by performing one or more of these options:
• Follow the instructions that came with the laptop or notebook to 
configure it for infrared printing.
• Log on to the laptop or notebook manufacturer’s Website or contact 
the support telephone number.
• Log on to the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) website at:
• Download the infrared driver from the Microsoft Windows 98/2000 
software CD or from the Microsoft Website at: 
infrared light is flashing
The flashing infrared light is not a signal that something is wrong with the 
infrared print feature. It confirms that a connection has been established 
between the printer and the laptop or notebook.
printer stopped printing
If the device is moved out of range of the printer’s infrared lens, the infrared 
light turns off and the printer stops printing. Realign both devices within 30 
seconds and the print job will resume.