HP DeskJet 995C User Guide

the hp deskjet toolbox

the hp deskjet toolbox
Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and NT 4.0
The HP Deskjet Toolbox contains a number of useful tools to calibrate 
the printer, clean the print cartridges, print a test page, and print a 
diagnostics page.
To open the HP Deskjet Toolbox:
• Click 
hp deskjet 9xx series 
hp deskjet 9xx series Toolbox
• Right-click the Printer Settings Taskbar icon and select 
Open Toolbox
To find out more about HP Deskjet Toolbox utilities, open the Toolbox, 
point to an option, and click the right mouse button to display the 
What’s This?
 dialog box. Click What’s This? for information about the 
tool selected.