HP DeskJet 995C User Guide

maintaining print cartridges

maintaining print cartridges
The following tips will help maintain HP print cartridges and ensure consistent 
print quality:
• Keep all print cartridges in their sealed packages until they are 
needed. Print cartridges should be stored at room temperature 
(60–78 degrees F or 16–27 degrees C).
• If print cartridges have been removed from their sealed packages and 
not used, store the cartridges in an airtight plastic container. Store 
print cartridges with the nozzle-side up. Do not allow anything to 
touch the nozzles.
• If the vinyl tape has been removed from the print cartridge, do not 
attempt to reattach it. Reattaching the tape will damage the 
print cartridge.
• Once print cartridges are installed in the printer, leave them in the 
print cartridge cradle unless they are being manually cleaned. This 
prevents ink from evaporating or clogging the print cartridges.
Do not
unplug the printer until printing is complete and the 
print cartridge cradle returns to the home position on the right side of 
the printer. Print cartridges dry out if not stored in the home position.