HP DeskJet 995C User Guide

cleaning the printer case

cleaning the printer case
The printer ejects ink onto paper in a fine mist, and small amounts of ink may 
be deposited on the printer case over time. Follow these guidelines when 
cleaning the outside of the printer:
• Use a soft damp cloth to remove dust, smudges, stains, and spilled ink 
from the printer case exterior. Use water only. Do not use household 
cleaners or detergents.
• Do not clean the printer’s interior. Keep all liquids away from 
the interior.
• Do not lubricate the rod on which the print cartridge cradle moves. It 
is normal to hear noise as the cradle moves back and forth on the rod 
when the printer is new. The noise decreases with use.
The printer should be handled and stored in an upright, level position 
for maximum performance and reliability.