Edit Avoid Area

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Edit Avoid Area
Edit Avoid Area
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 Routing & Guidance 
 Edit Avoid Area 
Specify up to five areas to avoid (e.g., road construction, closures), if possible, when 
the system calculates routes to your destination.
1. Select New Area or an existing 
area to edit.
2. Select Edit Name to label the area 
to avoid.
3. Enter a name or title. Select OK.
4. Select Edit Area to define the area 
to avoid.
The following items are available (after an area is set):
• View Area Map: Displays the selected avoid area on the map.
• Delete: Deletes the selected avoid area.
Edit Avoid Area
The avoid areas are shared with User 1 and 
User 2. For example, if User 1 specifies some 
avoid areas, User 2 can also use them for setting 
a route.
The maximum size of an “avoid area” is 1/2 
square mile.
If your selected area contains a freeway, you are 
asked “Do you want to avoid freeways?” 
Answering “No” allows you to use a route 
through an avoid area on a freeway without any 
pop-up messages.
You can select areas to avoid, however you 
cannot select roads or areas that you want the 
system to use for routing.
You can enter up to 25 characters for the name.
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