PIN Numbers

Personal Information
PIN Numbers
PIN Numbers
H INFO button 
 Personal Information 
 PIN Number
Set a 4-digit PIN for protecting personal addresses and your home addresses. Once 
you set a PIN, you are prompted to enter it whenever you access a personal address 
or a home address.
1. Select the PIN to create.
2. Select the user name (when 
selecting Address Book PIN).
3. Enter a 4-digit PIN.
4. Re-enter the new PIN when 
prompted to confirm the number 
you just entered.
If you do not enter the same 
number both times, an 
“INCORRECT PIN” message is 
displayed. Enter your PIN again.
PIN Numbers
Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 
password used to access personal data.
PINs are optional. If you choose to use a PIN, 
keep a note of the number in a secure location. If 
you forget your PIN, your dealer will have to reset 
the navigation system and all of your stored 
information will be erased. The factory default is 
no PIN.
Go Home PIN
Go Home PINs are shared with User 1 and User 
2. If either User 1 or User 2 sets a Go Home PIN, 
both of them need to enter the PIN when:
selecting Go Home for a destination
selecting Home Address for editing
If you want to stop using a PIN, select Do not 
use PIN.
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