Voice Control System

Voice Control System
Your vehicle has a voice control system that allows hands-free operation of most of 
the navigation system functions. You can also control the audio and climate control 
, and make and receive phone calls using Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®.
The voice control system uses the 
d (Talk) and J (Hang-Up/Back) buttons on 
the steering wheel and a microphone near the map lights on the ceiling.
A “Voice Info” feature provides a tutorial that explains how to use the voice control 
2 Voice Help 
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Command Input
If the system does not understand a command or you wait too long to give a 
command, it responds with “Pardon,” “Please repeat,” or “Would you say again.”
When you give a command, the system generally either repeats the command as a 
confirmation or asks you for further information. If you do not wish to hear this 
feedback, you can turn it off. However, listening to the feedback will help familiarize 
you with the way the system expects commands to be phrased. 
2 Basic Settings 
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If the system cannot perform a command or the command is not appropriate for the 
screen you are on, the system beeps.
If the system responds with prompts such as “Please use the touch screen to…” or 
“Please use the joystick to…,” the system is asking for input that cannot be 
performed using the voice control system.
On character input screens, a list of possible characters is displayed if the system 
does not recognize your command. 
You can find out which voice commands are available for a particular screen using 
d Help command. The system will display and read the list of available 
commands to you.
d (Talk) Button
When you press the 
d (Talk) button, a helpful 
prompt asks what you would like to do. Press 
and release the 
d (Talk) button again to bypass 
this prompt and give a command.
Climate voice control: Civic Hybrid model only.
Command Input
The audio system is muted while using the voice 
control system.
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