Honda Civic 2013 Navigation Owner Manual

Switching to HFL Mode

Playing Bluetooth® Audio
Switching to HFL Mode
4. Select 
c or x to select a track.
5. If necessary, follow the cell phone 
operating instructions for playing 
audio tracks.
Check the following if the phone is not recognized:
• Another HFL-compatible phone, which is not compatible for Bluetooth® Audio, is 
already connected.
Switching to HFL Mode
1. If you receive a call when 
Bluetooth® Audio is playing, press 
h (Pick-Up) button on the 
steering wheel to answer the call. 
2 Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® 
P. 148
2. Press the 
J (Hang-Up/Back) 
button to end the call, and 
Bluetooth® Audio is resumed.
Playing Bluetooth® Audio
If more than one phone is paired to the HFL 
system, there may be a delay before the system 
begins to play.
A “NO CONNECT” message may be displayed if:
The phone is not linked to HFL.
The phone is not turned on.
The phone is not in the vehicle.
An incompatible phone is connected.
Audio control
h (Pick-Up) button
J (Hang-Up/Back) button
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