Voice Control Operation

Quick Reference
Voice Control Operation
Voice Portal Screen
a Press and release the 
button on the HOME screen or the 
top screen of any mode.
The system prompts you to say a voice 
command and gives examples. Press 
and release the 
 (Talk) button 
again to bypass this prompt.
 The system beeps when ready for a 
command. Press the 
Back) button to cancel.
 Available voice commands are 
highlighted on the screen.
b Say a voice command (e.g., Address).
After that, follow the voice prompt 
and say a voice command.
 The audio system is muted during voice 
control mode.
 You can use other voice commands on 
the Voice Portal screen.
Voice Commands 
 Say  
“Voice Help” to enter supported 
commands for the current screen. A 
voice help tutorial is also available.
Voice Help 
 Set Voice Prompt to Off to bypass the 
voice prompt.
Voice Recognition 
 Carefully read the usage note for the 
voice control.
Voice Control System 
On the Menu Screen
 Say  
“Voice portal” to display the 
Voice Portal on any screen.
a Press and release the 
button on the menu or setting screen.
The system prompts you to say a voice 
command and gives examples. Press 
and release the 
 (Talk) button 
again to bypass this prompt.
Available voice commands are 
highlighted on the screen.
b Say a voice command.
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