Honda CR-V 2015 Owner Manual

Voice Help

Quick Reference
Voice Help
This navigation system comes with voice help, which shows you what command to say when using the voice command functions.
Command Help
a Press and release the 
b Say  
“Voice Help.”
The voice help screen is displayed.
 The  
“Voice Help” command is 
available on most screens.
c Press and release the 
d Say one of the options for a list of 
available commands by category (e.g., 
 “Navi commands”).
e Press and release the 
f Say one of the options for a list of 
available commands by category (e.g., 
 “Find place commands”).
g The system displays a list of all 
available commands for the category.
Select Read to hear the list read 
Voice Commands 
 You can also display the All commands 
screen from the Info Menu. Select 
Voice Info on the Info Menu screen.
Getting Started Tutorial
a Say  
“Getting Started” on the 
voice help screen.
The system starts to read the tutorial 
 Select Stop or press the BACK button 
to stop reading.
 Say  
“Previous” or 
 “Next” to 
display the previous/next page.
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