Voice Help

Quick Reference
Voice Help
This navigation system comes with voice help, which shows you what command to say when using the voice command functions.
Command Help
a Press and release the 
b Say  
“Voice Help.”
The voice help screen is displayed.
 The  
“Voice Help” command is 
available on most screens.
c Press and release the 
d Say one of the options for a list of 
available commands by category (e.g., 
 “Navi commands”).
e Press and release the 
f Say one of the options for a list of 
available commands by category (e.g., 
 “Find place commands”).
g The system displays a list of all 
available commands for the category.
Select Read to hear the list read 
Voice Commands 
 You can also display the All commands 
screen from the Info Menu. Select 
Voice Info on the Info Menu screen.
Getting Started Tutorial
a Say  
“Getting Started” on the 
voice help screen.
The system starts to read the tutorial 
 Select Stop or press the BACK button 
to stop reading.
 Say  
“Previous” or 
 “Next” to 
display the previous/next page.
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