Navigation Entering a Destination

Quick Reference
Navigation—Entering a Destination
Enter your destination using one of several methods, then follow route guidance on the map or guidance screen to your destination. You 
can also perform these steps using 
 voice control.
a Press the HOME button 
and then select Navi.
b Press the MENU button and then 
select Address.
c Select Street.
d Enter the name of your destination 
street and select OK if necessary.
e Select your destination street from 
the list.
f Enter the street number. Select OK 
when finished.
g If there is more than one city with the 
specified street, a list of cities is 
displayed. Select the desired city from 
the list.
h Select Set as Destination.
Route guidance to the destination 
 View Routes: Choose one of three 
 Route Preference: Choose MAX or MIN 
for the four settings.
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