Safe Driving

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Safe Driving 
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● Your vehicle is fitted with airbags to help protect you and 
your passengers during a moderate-to-severe collision.
Child Safety 
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● All children 12 and younger should be seated in the rear seat.
● Smaller children should be properly restrained in a forward-facing child seat.
● Infants must be properly restrained in a rear-facing child seat.
Exhaust Gas Hazard 
(P 64)
● Your vehicle emits dangerous exhaust gases that contain carbon 
monoxide. Do not run the engine in confined spaces where carbon 
monoxide gas can accumulate.
Before Driving Checklist 
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● Before driving, check that the front seats, head restraints, 
steering wheel, and mirrors have been properly adjusted.
Seat Belts 
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● Fasten your seat belt and sit upright well 
back in the seat.
● Check that your passengers are wearing 
their seat belts correctly.
Fasten your lap belt as 
low as possible.
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