AUDIO DUBBING only for VM 8500LA

AUDIO DUBBING (only for VM-8500LA) 
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4. Press "TITLE" to erase the display from the viewfinder. 
 Chart of characters available in the titler 
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AUDIO DUBBING (only for VM-8500LA) 
The audio dubbing feature lets you record new audio (sound) on a previously recorded tape without erasing the 
original video (picture). 
When you audio dub a tape, the previous audio is erased and replaced with new sound. 
• Sound from the built-in microphone and the AUDIO jack can be dubbed. 
• When dubbing audio from the built-in microphone, set "AV OUT/IN" to "OUT" and do not connect the 
"AUDIO" jack.  When dubbing from the "AUDIO" jack, set "AV IN/OUT" to "IN". 
1. Insert a recorded tape. 
    Be sure that the record safety tab is not missing. 
2. Place "CAM/OFF/VIDEO" to "VIDEO" position.