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 Creating a title 
1. Attach a power source to the camcorder and slide "CAM/OFF/VIDEO" to either "CAM" or "VIDEO" position. 
2. Press "TITLE". The flashing cursor will appear in the viewfinder. 
3. Press "SHIFT" button repeatedly to move the flashing cursor to the place you want to begin your title. 
4. Select the first character for your title by pressing "-" or "+" repeatedly until the desired character appears. 
NOTE: A title contains two lines of up to 16 characters per line. A chart showing the characters contained in the 
titler is located on page 36. 
5. After you have selected the first character, press "SHIFT" to move the flashing cursor to the place you want 
the next character. 
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have completed the title.