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• Decrease the sound volume od the camcorder when you play back a recording by connecting the camcorder 
to your TV.  If the volume of the camcorder is set to maximum, the played back picture may be distorted.  Make 
sure that the volume is not set to maximum during recording as it could distort the played back picture. 
• When the LCD monitor is turned on and left as it is, the monitor becomes warm, but this does not indicate a 
• When "CAM/OFF/VIDEO" is set to "CAM" or "VIDEO", the LCD monitor is turned on and off automatically 
when the LCD monitor is opened and closed. 
• It is recommended that you close the LCD monitor to save battery power when playing back a picture on a TV 
or recording a TV program without viewing it. 
• Only the playback sound is heard.  The sound being recorded is not heard. 
To play back tape with the viewfinder 
• Close the LCD monitor, then press "PLAY" to play back the tape.  The picture appears in the viewfinder. 
Using Still 
When "REC/PAUSE" is pressed during playback, a still picture can be seen. To start again press 
"REC/PAUSE" and playback will be resumed. 
NOTE: There will be some noise (interference) in the still picture. 
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