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NOTE: Opening or closing the LCD monitor switches the picture to appear on the LCD monitor or in the 
Adjusting the brightness of the LCD screen 
NOTE: Even when the picture on the LCD monitor is adjusted, the recorded video will not change. 
1. Connect the power source.  (See pages 10 and 11.)  Press the red button on the CAM/OFF/VIDEO switch as 
you slide it to CAM or VIDEO. 
2. Use the bright control on the side of the LCD monitor to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen. 
Range in which the LCD monitor can be moved 
• If the LCD monitor is turned 90° so that it faces the same direction as the lens when the camera signal is being 
recorded during recording, recording pause, instant review, editing, A/V dubbing or A/V dubbing pause, the 
image on the monitor screen will become a mirror image, and the viewfinder will turn on.  The on-screen display 
on the LCD monitor will also be as if reflected on a mirror. 
• If the monitor is closed with the screen facing to the side, the mirror image will change to a normal image when 
the monitor has been closed about 45°; also, the viewfinder will turn off. 
Cautions on the LCD monitor screen 
• Do not touch the LCD screen with your fingers as the screen could get dirty and the picture will not be seen