Select CHANNEL and press CHANNEL 
 to set the channel the TV will tune to when it automatically 
turns on. 
 to exit channel setting. 
Press the CURSOR 
 to highlight then CURSOR 
 to select mode: ONCE (one time only), DAILY (every 
day), or WEEKLY (once a week). 
Press EXIT to quit menu or CURSOR 
 to return to previous menu. 
NOTE: You can set either on time only off time only, or both. The mode will be the same for both. 
If the TV is turned on by the ON TIMER and there is no remote control operation in three hours or more, the TV 
will automatically turn off. 
CAUTION: Do not use your TV as a deterrent when away from home by using both the ON TIMER and 
OFF TIMERS. For safety, the TV should be turned off when you are away from home. 
Closed captions are the dialogue, narration, and/or sound effects of a television program or home video which are 
displayed on the TV screen allowing you to read the dialog being spoken (when broadcast). Your local TV 
program guide denotes these programs as 
DISPLAY: ON/OFF will turn the 
 display on or off. 
MODE: C.C. (Closed Caption) is for the program you are viewing. 
MODE: TEXT is for additional information such as news reports or a TV program guide. 
This information covers the entire screen and viewing the TV program is not  
possible. TEXT may not be available with every 
CHANNEL: 1 is used for the primary language (usually English). 
CHANNEL: 2 is sometimes used for a second language (may vary by region). 
 to highlight the function to be changed; press CURSOR 
 to change the function. 
Press EXIT to quit menu or CURSOR 
 to return to previous menu. 
NOTE: The word MUTE will not be displayed if the Closed Caption Display is ON. If you do not have sound, make 
sure MUTE is not set.