Important Alert Items

M3092DC Image Scanner Operation Guide
Important Alert Items
Important Alert Messages
Important alert messages applicable to the M3092DC Image Scanner are
listed below.  Observe these directions for safe operation of the scanner.
Alert concerning power supply
Do not insert the AC adapter to any outlet other than one dedicated to
15 A at 100 VAC.  Do not make a starburst connection.
It could result in a fire or electric shock.
Do not damage, break, or process the power cord.  Do not put a heavy
item on, pull, or forcibly bend it.
It could result in a fire or electric shock.
Use only the power cord (AC adapter) supplied with the scanner.  Do
not use an extension cord.
It could result in abnormal heat or a fire.
Do not use the power cord or AC adapter if it is damaged or loose in
connection with the outlet.
It could result in a fire or electric shock.  Ask your sales agency or
Fujitsu Limited for repair.