M3092DC Image Scanner Operation Guide
Set a document on the document support and read it by automatic
document feeder.
This section provides notes concerning operation, and explains how to
read each document.
3.1 Notes concerning Operation
When operating the equipment, adhere to  the following points:
Fire or electrical shock
If heat, smoke, offensive odor, or noise is
emitted from the equipment, turn off the
power switch of the main unit and
disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
After confirming that the smoke has
disappeared, notify the sales agency (or
service center).
Never repair the equipment yourself,
because doing so is dangerous.
Do not insert foreign matter such as metal
and easy-to-burn materials via the opening
(ventilating hole) into the device interior.
Also, be careful not to drop these materials
inside the scanner.
If you dropped the equipment or damaged
the cover, turn off the power by
disconnecting the power plug from the
outlet.  Then, notify the sales agency (or
service center).