2 3 Connection

M3092DC Image Scanner Operation Guide
2.3 Connection
This section explains how to connect the power cable and SCSI cable, and
also how to install the driver and other software.
2.3.1 Notes concerning Connection
When connecting cables, adhere to the following notes :
Fire or electric shock
Before connecting or disconnecting a
device, turn off the power switch on the
personal computer, disconnect the power
plug from the outlet, then follow the written
Use the scanner only with the indicated
supply voltage.  Do not make a starburst
Do not hold the power cable or AC adapter
with moistened hands when connecting or
disconnecting it.
If the power plug is dusty, clean it with a
dry cloth.
Do not put anything heavy on the power
cable, and do not damage it by pulling,
forcibly bending, twisting, or heating.  Do
not alter the power cable in any way.
Do not use a power cable if it is damaged
or the plug does not fit snugly into the