Notes concerning Use

M3092DC Image Scanner Operation Guide
Notes concerning Use
This section provides an outline of the product and explains its
characteristics and components.
1.1 Outline
This section provides an outline of the M3092DC Image Scanner and
explains its characteristics.
1.1.1 M3092DC Image Scanner
The M3092DC Image Scanner can read very fine color images.  It can also
work with attached software as follows:
Scan software enables the saving of data scanned with the scanner in
TIFF format in a personal computer.
Copy software enables the output of data scanned with the scanner to
the printer connected to a personal computer.
The M3092DC Image Scanner has the following features:
High reliable ADF
Performs document feeding at a level equivalent to business scanners.
Reading of color images on both sides
Can simultaneously read both sides of a document in full color.
Compact body for easy installation
Easy to install due to the lightweight, compact main body.